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This is a temporary "off site" MP3 store. The tracks that are stored here are FREE to download and distribute! Why? Because Back 2 Miami have recorded these tracks either in a studio (see the track selection), or "live on the road" at gigs (look for the * before the title of the track to indicate a live track). We offer them to you the general public to play, review and comment on if you like (see main website for the members feedback page). Basically we would like you to hear what fun our audiences have when the Band play live at your venue or function. Trust me, we and the audience have a lot of fun.


.: Legal rider

These musical extracts are all played in a professional manner. These tracks, both lyrics and musical scores are copyrighted by other artists. By playing these tributes in their own style Back 2 Miami pay tribute to the original artists. On our main web site (where and whenever possible) we offer links to these original artists or their websites indicating if possible where original material can be obtained from. We are not reliant upon this as an income and only offer these soundtracks as indications of what we sound like in various environments. We do not sell these tracks to make a living, merely to indicate how much fun and enjoyment we and you the audience can have by enjoying this material played at your event. We will willingly remove any material upon request of the original artist or their professional or legal representatives, if so asked in writing.

.: Jam Sessions, by popular request.

This feature is not going to go away is it? At some gigs before the audience arrive the band setup the kit on stage and then just start to JAM (play whatever comes into their heads). Some times it sounds well crap. Other times a little nugget falls out of the tape drive. These links are to those little nuggets. Now some of them are solo or duo's or all the band or spurious pieces performed by special request on the spot as it were. Some are tracks that were trialled but never made it in to the set list or did but were dropped a little later. Some of these tracks are very long (12 minutes + ) some a mere 2 minutes. See what you think...PS the mixing/balance is poor cos we were still setting the PA up when they played these tracks...but one of them is ace. Look for the little "J" before the track title for the JAM sessions.

.: Notes and a big thank you!

When playing these tracks please remember some are studio tracks some are live tracks with introductions and audience reactions on the track. As far as we know there are no swear words used, but we can never be sure. The quality of the tracks varies from venue to venue, night to night, also the band line up varies occasionally so prepare yourself for some different styles track by track.

Thank you for accessing the Back 2 Miami free MP3 tracks web site. As the popularity of this site increases, we will add further features and increase the selection available. At this moment this site is limited to 4 simultaneous downloads so please be patient if it advises you that there are too many connections. Just wait a while ....it will clear. The file formats are .mp3 all recorded at 125bps and average 3.5 megs long (storage/space wise).

.: Scroll down for the "NEW" LIVE tracks (recorded Dec 2017 @ The Place).

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